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Minneapolis Park Mystery: A Brass Sailboat

Does anybody know what this is? Can you help solve the mystery?

The brass sailboat embedded in concrete is several yards NNW of the picnic shelter at Beard Plaisance near Lake Harriet.

Why is it here? A brass sailboat in the grass near the picnic shelter at Beard Plaisance west of Lake Harriet.

I’m told the mast used to point toward a crabapple tree, but the tree has died. Was it a memorial to someone or something?

I’m also interested in knowing when West 45th was closed between Upton and Thomas. The same for West 46th from Upton to the parkway. Does anyone remember those streets being used? Was there ever a road from the parkway to the picnic shelter from the south? It looks as if the trees were cleared to make a road or path at some time.

Please tell what you know.

David C. Smith   minneapolisparkhistory[at]