Cheever’s Tower

Several people have pointed out my error in the location of Cheever’s Tower in yesterday’s post. No one has yet come up with an explanation of the tower that caused Tower Hill to be given that name. I bet someone will.

But Tom Trow has come up with what is a first, to my knowledge: a photo that shows the precise location of Cheever’s Tower. He believes it is the only photo of the tower other than the stereoscope view. He says he has never shown it outside of talks he has given. I present it with his permission. Great find, Tom.

Tom writes: “I created (the image) by taking a lantern slide from the Henn Co. Library’s Atheneum collection, and making a closeup with a Nikkon – and then digitized it.”

Cheever's aTower and Hotel appear at the very center of this picture on the near horizon. This detail is from an image created by Tom Trow from a lantern slide that appears to be from a photo by Benjamin Frnaklin Upton.

Cheever’s Tower and Hotel appear on the horizon in the center of this image. (Photo detail courtesy of Tom Trow.)

You can better appreciate Tom’s detective work when you see the original photo by Benjamin Franklin Upton, this from the Minnesota Historical Society’s online collection.

This is the image created by Upton from the roof of the Winslow House. MHS dates this photo as 1857.

This is the image created by Benjamin Franklin Upton from the roof of the Winslow House in St. Anthony in 1857. (MH5.9 MP1b p14, Minnesota Historical Society)

David C. Smith

© 2013 David C. Smith


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