Writer for Hire

I write for a living. History and more.

I’ve been a freelance writer for decades and still am. My clients include many publications, corporations, non-profits and individuals with stories that needed telling.

  • I have written to sell, train, educate, motivate, persuade, convince, and comply. Targeted audiences have included businesses, consumers, shareholders, employees, and policy makers from local city halls to the Pentagon and White House.
  • I have excelled with diligent research and nuanced, thoughtful writing that compels readers to think, feel and act.
  • My ability to grasp, then articulate, complex messages quickly has been applied in a wide variety of fields from national defense policy to national baking contests.
  • I view my role as translator, making complicated stories easy to understand — and act upon — for a target audience.

I have written for many media in many formats, each with subtle differences and demands. Projects have included:

  • White Papers
  • Websites
  • Blog posts and articles (my byline or yours)
  • Video and Podcast Scripts (more than 200 scripts)
  • Speeches (CEOs and senior executives)
  • Annual Reports
  • Brochures and Collateral

I have extensive experience writing for many industries, including:

  • Medical technology
  • Aerospace
  • Financial Services
  • Design and Architecture
  • Consumer Products
  • Computer and Communication Technology

Do You Have a Story that Needs to Be Told?

If you stumbled upon these pages due to your interest in Minneapolis or park history, I hope you enjoy some of the stories I have told. An added benefit if you occasionally need to hire a writer to tell stories that are important to your organization is that you may have found someone to help you do that. Mixing business with pleasure. Not a bad way to live.

I’d like to hear more about the stories you need to tell. Please contact me at the address below and we’ll look at how your needs and my skills converge.


David C. Smith  minneapolisparkhistory[at]q.com

3 comments so far

  1. Gayle Meadows on

    I would like to send an informational email to Mr. Smith about Powderhorn Park, but I can’t seem to find an email that works. Can you let me know the correct email I may use?
    Thank you,
    Gayle Mosiman Meadows

    • David C. Smith on

      You can reach me at minneapolisparkhistory[at]q.com. Of course, you would replace the [at] in the address at left with @.

  2. jim Krave on

    Was at vets home visiting mom on Saturday, spectacular amount of water going over mhaha falls!! Absolutely beautiful day to be at park

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