Powderhorn Park Football

A recent visit to Powderhorn Park and a chat with recreation coordinator Dave Garmany turned up an excellent photo of the Powderhorn football team from 1925. Unusual for its time, it was labeled with the names and positions of the players.

1925 Powderhorn Football Team at The Parade (Basilica in background). First Row L-R: Helmar Larson OB, Claude Casey FB, Manley Peterson LT, Kenneth Johnson RH, George Carlson RG. Second Row, L-R: Lee Blood RT, Joe Listered LE, John Larson RE, John Martin LE, Ed Mandeck LE. Third Row L-R: Frank Shogren LG, Hersel Johnson RE, Howard Shenessy Capt., Leonard Herlen RG, Walt Nordstrom LH, Al Dunning RH. (Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board)

The best part of the photo — for those not related to the players — is the location at The Parade, which is obvious because of the Basilica looming in the background. The year the photo was taken, 1925, was the year that the north end of Powderhorn Lake was filled in to create more athletic fields. I’ve spoken with one woman who remembered skating on the lake before the north end was filled. Do you remember that or know anyone who does?

The only other photo I’ve seen of early Powderhorn football players is this one from the collection of the Minnesota Historical Society.

Powderhorn football team, 1908 (Minnesota Historical Society)

Have you seen others? Let us know.

David C. Smith


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  1. Lynne Peterson Benz on

    My father, “Snub” Edwin Peterson, was born in 1902 and played baseball and football for the Powderhorn Park teams. He was a catcher. He quit school after the 8th grade. Mother said he was so good that the South High School baseball coach tried to recruit him. He needed to work to support himself.

    Other family ball players were Bill George, Fred George. I have photos of all of them at the Park.

    My father married Margaret George, sister of the above named. Later Dad worked for Honeywell and coached their women’s softball team. He also ran for alderman!

    Lynne Peterson Benz

    • David C. Smith on

      Thanks, Lynne. If your photos show parts of the park or football uniforms I know people would like to see them. I will contact you.

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