Minneapolis Park Memory: Logan Ice

My park was Logan. In winter, there were hockey rinks, a beautiful skating area and a pavilion that featured many programs. In summer, many musical programs took place on an outdoor veranda. My favorite winter sport was ice skating, so I visited Logan Park almost daily.

Charlotte Brisley

Community sing at the Logan Park Fieldhouse (City of Parks, Minneapolis Park and Recreaton Board).)

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  1. Nancy Smith on

    I can’t decide if my park is Linden Hills or Pershing. I should really ask my daughter, who is now 13. Oh the days we spent; hot, windy, misty and even cold…finding a way to enjoy a little piece of heaven. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without my (almost) daily walks to the park, pushing a stroller, or holding a small hand as she got older. Watching her grow up laughing all the way on the swings and slides, being able to run, fall, then get back up again. And the things she learned there that couldn’t have been learned elsewhere. How to share things that belong to everyone. That most people are good. It always felt like home to me, being at one these parks. And I am truly grateful to live where I do and have the pleasure of enjoying these wonderful open spaces with family and friends.

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