Glenwood Toboggan Slide II: 1887

Since posting a newspaper photo of a toboggan slide on “Glenwood Hill” in 1887, I found this photo in the Minnesota Historical Society Visual Resources Database. This photo is purportedly of the same toboggan chute on the same hill in the same year, but they are obviously different places. The photo clipped from a newspaper had trees right up to the sides of the track.

The North Star toboggan chute on Glenwood Hill, 1887. (Minnesota Historical Society)

Looking up the hill instead of down, gives a completely different prespective on the possible location of the slide. I doubt that the slide in this photo is in the same location as the ski jumps that were built after the park board acquired land in the vicinity. Any guesses as to the location of this toboggan slide? Or the other one? Which one is the real “North Star” chute?

In the same wonderful photo collection, I found this picture of the St. Paul toboggan slide in front of the State Capitol, which I referred to in my earlier post.

A 1957 photo of the toboggan slide I rode as a kid, a few years later, in front of the State Capitol. (Minnesota Historical Society)

David C. Smith


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  2. dstarr1414 on

    A few buddies and I have been trying to identify two hills: Glenwood Hill and Kenwood Hill. We cannot figure out where they used to be. It looks as if the toboggan run on Glenwood Hill faced East because you could see the city in the background. Kenwood Hill Ski Jump Was around until the 70’s. Where was this located? Does anyone have an idea of where these hills are. I am very familiar with Theo Wirth Park. I have spent a great deal of time in this park since I have read your articles. I have been searching for historic artifacts and bottles/trash possibly from the era. I have been met with limited success. I have not been able to pin down the precise location of these hills. Any ideas/thought/suggestions? Thanks for your time and I am a big fan of your articles.

    • David C. Smith on

      Thanks for reading, Dan. I’ll have a look at some pictures that might give a clearer idea of the location of the jumps and post those shortly.

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