I began reposting updated articles yesterday. I apologize for filling subscribers’ inboxes with notices; I didn’t think that alerts would be sent out just for reposting previously existing material. I am restoring some old posts, starting at the beginning—2010—with minor edits, corrections and updated links. It’s amazing how many links die. I will continue that process, a handful of posts at a time, in the near future. If you subscribe, please forgive the annoyance of repeated alerts, but maybe you’ll come across something you missed the first time.

Thanks for reading.

David C. Smith

5 comments so far

  1. Gail Lofdahl on

    I don’t remember seeing these the first time, and appreciate your sending them. It’s always interesting to learn more about my home town.

  2. Paul on

    I like seeing these again, some I did miss and the others are fun to read again. Keep them coming!

  3. kimbercat on

    No worries! Speaking for myself and possibly others, it made my day to see all those posts. Thanks for everything you are doing!

  4. Adams922 on

    They are welcomed, not annoyances. Thanks

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  5. Tom Balcom on

    No need to apologize, Dave. Your last sentence is the reward for me. Being a golfer and getting my start at Hiawatha as a teenager, I found the golf blogs and articles interesting but also very depressing because of racial discrimination in the Twin Cities and Minnesota.

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