Large Stone Fireplace in Minnehaha Dog Park?

Mary MacDonald recently wrote to ask for info on the large stone fireplace near the long path to the Mississippi River in the Minnehaha Dog Park off 54th and Hiawatha. She said she’s been unable to find any info on who built it and how old it is. Does anyone know? I don’t know anything about it. Leave a comment or e-mail me at the address below.

David C. Smith

Maybe it’s time for Puck to have a sniff.



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  1. Susan McGrath on

    Sorry for the loss of your dear friend, Puck!

  2. […] speaking of dog parks, you might check out the post that raised a question since answered, but featured a picture of Puck, who died last week. We think he was nearly 15 years old, but […]

  3. Bob Wold on

    There were two stone burning places built by WPA in the area. one was a burning facility for trash from the park that was located on the river road North of the gate to the stairway to Minnehaha Glen. The second was a fire place located in a glen below the stone quarry on the path to the river. we used to go there in the 1940’s

  4. seanr on

    I believe its an old leaf/ brush incinerator from the.WPA days, but I don’t know myself.

    • David C. Smith on

      Thanks, Sean. You might be right. The origin of that fireplace baffles everyone else I’ve talked to who might know.

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