Pushball at Powderhorn

Does anyone remember “pushball”? This photo was taken at Powderhorn Park, but the date isn’t marked. It looks like a fair number of kids were left standing and watching.

This is “Pushball.” The apartments in the background appear to be those on Powderhorn Terrace just north of the park. Date unknown. (Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board)

Any guesses on the date?

Do you remember any other playground games that aren’t played anymore? Got pictures?

David C. Smith


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  1. cheryl luger on

    fun !
    a search turned up a comment that it was losing popularity because of its ‘rough’ nature.
    and this from National Magazine oct 1905. interesting critique of the game based on pitfalls of football (including spectators not understanding the game as they couldn’t see the ball). i never heard of this magazine before today….articles on teddy roosevelt and the russian japanese war,phillipines, timely politics …combining literary content.


    thanks for the info.
    did the park board run any marble contests ?


    • David C. Smith on

      Thanks for the info, Cheryl. Interesting that the game was criticized that early, because this photo was much more recent I think. I believe the game is being played here at the north end of the park that was at one time covered by the part of Powderhorn Lake that was filled in 1925.

      As for marbles in parks, I have seen one photo of a marble context in the basement of the Logan Park Fieldhouse. I recall it was from the 1920s.

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